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Do you think ordering a roast over the phone or by email is a good idea...

Do you think ordering a roast over the phone or by email is a good idea for a roast you have never bought before?

Once a roast is cut for an order in advance there is no sticking it back together if it looks too small when you get to the Butcher Shop, or if you have an extra guest, so I recommend taking time to visit your Butcher for a chat, a bit of banter & possibly a bit of good advice.

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Over the 20 year period I have been in the food & meat industry, you learn what's most effective for 100% customer satisfaction and also how to create the win win scenario. On the run up to the festive season there is no doubt you will be visiting your Butcher for premium quality meats so why not ask to see a roast or two to get an idea what to order for Christmas & New Year.

My method is to show you a typical example of a roast you are thinking of ordering, placing my steak knife across the top of it in single person portion markings and then allowing a bit extra for cooking or to have the next day, it's at this point you can tell me if your guests are big or small eaters, children or elderly so that we can both make an educated decision on your choice.

The best roasts have a good covering of fat, just enough for cooking as it will give flavour and moisture to your end result. There is such a thing as too much of a fat covering but we always make sure these roasts never enter my counter or shop for that matter.

If a roast such as our Aberdeen Angus Rib Eye Roast (very popular) is what you choose, this has no external fat cover so needs to be protected by tin foil for about half the cooking time to get the best results.

Above all, TRUST YOUR BUTCHER, we have no secrets in my shop, all the cards and information are laid bare for you and as we like to say "Open for questions and free with our answers".

Come and see us for more advice and information.

A further blog will be coming soon on cooking the Best Christmas Roast, see you soon.

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