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Cheap Organic Tomatoes (and a Free Ice Cream Sundae!)

Cheap Organic Tomatoes? Cheap Organic Spices? Ok, you know what's coming ~

I grow them and so can you! If your first thought is "Me, grow something?", then let me tell you it really is easy, not a lot of work, saves money and according to lots of super smart people, even relaxes us and makes us happier! Just a good thing all around.

So, get planting. Of course, the best time to plant is different for all areas; you'll want to wait to plant outside until after the last freeze.In many places, now isa good time to plant tomato plants and spice plants like basil and cilantro.We're in the Southwest and usually plant after Easter and get tomatoes until November.

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You don't have to have a large area. Buy a few plants at Walmart or Home Depot for a few bucks. I even found some at the dollar store and they grew great. Of course, you can even just pick up some seed packets and save even more but I've had really good success with the inexpensive plants.

Buy a bag or two of potting soil at a 99 cent store or at Walmart, then plant in your flower bed or even in a large pot. Water every day or every other day and you will get tomatoes and spices all summer long.

Just think how good they will taste No pesticides. Organic. Expensive in stores and you grew them! Homemade salsa will be the best you ever tasted.

I have planted about 6 tomato plants every year for 20 years. Some years I get so many tomatoes I have to give them away. Other years I only get a dozen. Last summer,my basil plant grew so fast and big that I replanted parts of it in new locations and had huge bushes for months. We love basil in the summer, and make great pestos and salads. Since just a small portion of basil is about $3 in the store, my plant saved us lots of money. And it really takes very little to no work, just plant and harvest. You will love them and find yourself planting more each year.

Use your basil to make the incredibly tasty salad dressing(copied below)from Sammy's Woodfired Pizza Restaurants' Grilled Chicken Salad. It is really, really good. Send me a message if you want the recipe for the salad as well. And if you're in Southern California or Nevada where there are numerous Sammy's Restaurants, sign up on their site for their newsletter and receive a free, decadent "Messy Sundae."

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