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An Ineffable Post and Several Markets to Consider

Charlotte Regional Farmer's Market:

This is a good place to start to get to know various local growers in Charlotte, but only if you go early on a Saturday morning. This is the big farmer's market, located on Yorkmont. There is a separate table/area where the local farmers sit. Go by and meet them and ask them about their farms. Baucom's Best is there, Grateful Grower's used to be there, but not sure if they are since they are at Matthews. My guess is Natalie and Cassie (the owners) split up and each go to the two different markets, but I don't go to Charlotte Regional very often as the Matthews market is much closer and has much more of a local farmer's market feel, so I don't know for sure.

Matthews Community Farmer's Market:

This is my favorite farmer's market in the summer months (which is the only time it is open). It is a locals-only market, which makes it unique and wonderful! Grateful Grower's is there for the first time this year, but get there early for the most popular cuts. Baucom's Best is also there (I believe they are rotating every other week with the Regional Charlotte Market) for the first time. New Towne Farms (owners Sammy and Melinda Koenigsburg) is also at this market. This is a wonderful organic farm near Indian Trail. The line for New Towne forms EARLY (market opens at 7:30 AM but lines for Sammy's vegetables and eggs start forming by around 7), so if you want the choicest produce go then. This market also has several local bakers where you can find wonderful breads, muffins and other bread products. A great breakfast while you shop is an organic muffin (blueberry or apple flaxseed are both good) By Lucille a recent graduate of Johnston and Wales University and a cup of fair trade coffee from the little cottage at the back of the market). There are also other local stands, including a man who sells middle eastern fare (hummus, a wonderful yogurt dip, whole wheat pitas, olives, etc) and a salsa and pepper vender. This really is a wonderful market!

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Mecklenburg County Market:

This market is located just behind CMC on Harding Place in a little brick house. It is the first light (turn left) off Morehead right after you pass Kings heading downtown. This market is open ALL YEAR on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Dale McLaughlin is the owner and he is a liaison between farmer and consumer, meaning he buys produce from various farmers and then sells it in the county market (the building which he owns). He tries to buy locally whenever possible (or at least as locally as possible, so that if we don't have strawberries, he gets them from Florida instead of from Washington State). Often times he has things from neighbors' yards (figs in the fall or sausage in the spring).

There are other interesting things at the County Market other than just Dale's produce. Beverly McLaughlin, Dale's daughter, has a catering and prepared food business at the market. She makes wonderful dips, salads, casseroles, pastas and soups all from whole foods (organic when possible) with no processed food and with great attention to healthy ingredients. Email her to get on her list to see what she is making for that week (she often has most of her things on Saturday mornings, but has several things on Wednesdays too) and you can reserve things you want so you don't have to go so early.

Polly Godwin also has a stand there. Polly reminds me of my grandma she is a true farmer's wife. She makes fabulous canned vegetables. Her homemade jellies and jams are delicious, and I haven't tasted canned tomatoes so good since my grandma died. Polly also makes delicious pound cakes, coconut cakes and other baked goods (my kids love her muffins) so she is a great place to visit for upcoming parties or brunches, etc. Nova Bakery is often at the market as well along with other vendors. To top it off, on Saturday mornings (and some Wednesdays) a group of pickers (that's Southern for local musicians playing bluegrass/back porch music) join together for some truly wonderful and free jam sessions!

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