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Christmas Cactus

A misnomer in the world of plants. A Christmas Cactus is more apt to be identified as a Thanksgiving cactus or Easter cactus or a crab cactus. The shape of the leaves are the indicator to which "holiday" variety you'll come across. When purchasing a plant in bloom be sure to place it in the brightest spot indoors but out of direct sunlight. Too much light and the cactus leaves will turn yellow. Average indoor temperatures of 60 to 65 degrees are fine. Be careful not toover-waterbut maintain moist soil during the flowering period.

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During those resting periods when the Christmas Cactus is not in bloom, water only when the soil is very dry to the touch and provide plenty of indirect light. The cycle of blooms can be restarted beginning in early September by creating darkness for 8 to 12 hours (via a closed garage, closet or even paper bag) and storing in cool (50 degreesFahrenheit) temperatures for September + October. Once buds start to form let it awake from the darkness and return to it's rightful place within your home. Be sure to apply houseplant fertilizer to encourage vibrant flowers. Signs of dropped flowers may mean the room temps are too high or the indirect light too sparse.

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