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Bamboo Flooring as an Eco-Friendly Choice in Home Decor

New Meaning To Green Thumb?

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In todays world we constantly hear about such things as global warming, carbon footprints, deforestation. We also hear about going green and being eco friendly. So, what does this all mean? With the loss of so much of our old growth hardwood forests we are seeing a heavy increase in lumber prices. As the timber is lost, so too is an important part of our planets fragile ecosystem. Trees are natures way of cleaning the air so that we have plenty of oxygen to breath. So, where does bamboo fit into all this?

When someone installs hardwood flooring in their home or business they are contributing to the deforestation process. By making the choice to use bamboo you are actually helping to conserve those hardwoods that would have normally been used. This is what going green means. It is the choice to use materials that have a greatly reduced impact on the environment. Bamboo is one such material. With over one thousand species of bamboo found throughout the world, bamboo can be considered one of the world most renewable resources.

What Makes Bamboo Green?

Many species of bamboo grow quite quickly. Some are ready for harvest within four to six years. Past this point the quality actually begins to degrade. This is much quicker than the decades that hardwoods take to mature. What makes bamboo grow so quick? Bamboo is actually not a type of tree at all. It is really a type of grass. Even though it is a grass there are species of bamboo that can grow up to four feet a day! This means that the time between harvests is greatly reduced allowing for a much quicker harvest.

Another benefit to bamboo can be seen when harvesting it. Bamboo forests are actually made up of a few plants that grow underground through a series of nodes. Once you harvest a bamboo plant one or more new shoots will begin to grow. This means there is no costly or time-consuming process of replanting required. This also means that no fossil fuels will be used to replant the bamboo thereby lowering the harvesters carbon footprint. Doesnt it feel good to know that you would have a hand in helping reduce the amount of pollution being released into the environment?

Ready To Go Green?

Now that you know some of the benefits when making bamboo flooring your choice of flooring material, you are all set. Make the choice to go green and help to make the world a more enjoyable place. Help to conserve our beautiful and majestic hardwood forests. Be sure to spread the word to any of your friends that are considering a hardwood floor as well. If we all pitch in and do our part we can soon have the world in a much better condition. So, whether you do the work yourself or have a contractor install the floor for you, make sure that you ask for the most eco-friendly flooring material of all; bamboo!

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