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How to save vegetable seeds?

I want to be able to reuse at least some seeds next year. I read somewhere that you need to get heirloom seeds to be able to do it - I know my pie pumpkin seeds are heirloom, but I don't know about the rest. Here is what I have planted:

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Peas (two types)

Green Beans

Lima Beans

Lettuce & Spinach (various varieties)

Carrots & Radishes

Potatoes (Yukon Gold)

Tomatoes (cherry, Roma, Better Boy and Early Girl)

Green Pepper

Jalapeno Pepper




I plan on saving my marigold seeds, I remember my mom doing that when I was young. I was just curious about veggie seeds. I think my mom used to save seeds from squash - said something about a bag over the flower (?) so it doesn't cross pollinate and then let it mature on the vine. Any help would be appriciated - even if I need to buy different varieties next year.

Peas and geans - just let some of the pods mature, and save the seeds inside. Put them someplace cool and dry for the winter. Don't seal them in plastic, as they may mold. Paper bags or envelopes work well for me.

Carrots and radishes - you'd have to let them over winter. They are biennials, and will send up a flower stalk and set seed the following year.

Peppers and tomatoes - save some of the seeds. You can be fussy with pollinating by hand, and bagging the flower until fruit set - or you can just roll the dice and see what you get.

Same for the melons and squashes.

Potatoes - just save a few potatoes to use as seed potatoes next year.

lettuce and spinach - let a few plants bolt and set seed.

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