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Our planet is filled with renewable and compostable resources; unfortunately, metal alloys are not among them. Steel, for example, is produced through mining and manufacturing processes that require a lot of energy and produce copious amounts of greenhouse gases. Waste reclamation rescues steel and other materials from landfills, thus reducing mining efforts and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Recycling usable materials

After we rescue construction and demolition waste from landfills, we imagine how it can be repurposed to help consumers. For example, waste reclamation facilities crush up bricks that we're once used in houses or sidewalks, puts them in bags, and sells them for use in walking paths, baseball warning tracks, rooftops, and elsewhere. Even though these materials may have outlived their initial uses, they are by no means useless.

Reducing landfill burdens

Though reclamation and recycling efforts are improving, they're not yet good enough. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 130 million tons of waste went to landfills in 2010, and claims that landfills are expanding on average. Our waste reclamation facilities intercept and repurpose wood, aggregate, metal, and other materials in order to save landfill space for waste that actually belongs in landfills.

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