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Water Purifier

Among it's many other uses, Moringa is a rare and effective water purifier. Moringa contains proteins which have excellent coagulation properties for treating water. Alum is currently the most widely used industrial coagulant. Moringa oleifera was studied for efficiency as a natural coagulant in water treatment. The purified proteins of Moringa oleifera seeds we're found to be more effective coagulants than alum.

Moringa is naturally non-toxic and also biodegradable. It is an environmentally friendly solution, unlike alum, because it does not significantly affect the pH or conductivity of the water after during treatment. The byproduct produced by coagulation process is harmless and creates four to five times less volume than the chemical sludge produced by the alum coagulation process. As a coagulant, Moringa oleifera is a viable and effective substitute for alum. For specifics on how to use moringa as a water purifier watch the video below.

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