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Global Warming

Talking about global warming has almost become like a fashion at global summits and elsewhere. And while there's a lot of talk almost nothing is happening at the ground level, at least nothing concrete has come from any of the federal governments as yet. Everybody requests and not commands the industries world over, including the mass production factories of China, to control pollution and check the release of greenhouse emissions and other toxic compounds.

The rate at which global warming is taking place, it is estimated that nothing will be left of the white sandy beaches and beautiful sceneries of Maldives by 2050. And this will be the fate of not just Maldives but large parts of the world. Almost 90% of Bangladesh is no more than 30 ft above the sea level and if a solution for global warming is not found soon enough nothing will be left of this country.

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But there have been a few steps taken forward by scientist world over, especially those from National Geographic and Discover Channel to find global warming solutions. Most of the solutions though will offer only a temporary relief to our planet since they do not work towards producing clean energy or n alternative to our gas guzzling cars and machines but only to reduce the heating of the planet.

Recently a group of scientists from Discovery Channels team started a new project to find global warming solutions. Their concept was based on the fact that clouds reflect sunlight and does so because clouds are formed when water droplets condense around salt/sand particles. And it is these salt/sand particles that reflect sunlight and prevent the heat of the sun from reaching the earths surface.

So what they did was that they decided to produce an artificial cloud that would contains thousands of times more salt particles than a natural cloud and release it over the ocean surface. This was achieved by firing superhot particles just above the surface of the ocean. This caused the water vapors to condense around the salt particles and rise above the ocean level to form a cloud. So what was produced was a super-reflective cloud that allowed only a fraction of the suns heat to reach the earths surface as compared to what a natural cloud would.

While this was just a pilot project, the team expects to put permanent cloud producers on a much larger scale. These cloud producers would keep on producing these high salt concentration clouds days in and day out on to the surface of the earth thereby reducing the overall temperature considerably.

While this would definitely help in reducing the earths temperature, it does nothing more than just buying some time because it doesn't help in reducing the greenhouse emissions. Above all these machines too would need some kind of energy to keep them running, all of which cannot be received from the tidal waves of the ocean.

Global warming solutions need to be developed keeping in mind not just short term results but longer term as well. While research is on to produce alternative sources of energy, it must be kept in mind at all times that time is running out on us. During the 18th and 19th century nobody ever thought about global warming and we have realized how big a blunder we have committed only in the last three or four decades or so. You and I are no strangers to the fact that our planet is witnessing far more floods, droughts, hurricanes and storms than it ever did just a hundred years ago. It is high time that all of us start taking a few small steps towards prevention of global warming so that our future generations get to see more than just a planet laden with pollution, harsh climates and large deserts.

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